Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tropical Storm

Today was a very rainy day with high winds. The tropical depression came through from the south and caused gusts up to 45 mph. I awoke to the sounds of rain pelting the bulkhead in my room. It's a good soothing sound, one that I would welcome if I were home. It would mean a quiet day to read and take a nap. What it means today on here is that we are delayed again.

The longer that we are in port, the more boring it becomes. I did venture out in the rain and had a nice dinner at a restaurant close to the ship. I did the midnight to 8 AM security watch last night again and that was okay. It's tiring to stay up all night but nice to be done with it and then go to bed. Time of day becomes irrelevant.

I'm feeling peaceful even with the tiredness. The rain makes things so relaxing. It gets a bit chilly at night so one of my favorite spots is the water heater room. I go in there to warm up during security rounds. A nice fire at home would feel great right about now.


  1. Hi Syd - - - Thank you for the latest update! Grateful that you are safe. Love, Anonymous #1

  2. Man, I never liked night shift at all! It's a rough one when you know everyone else is sleeping, isn't it?
    Hope you are able to stay warm, Syd.


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