Sunday, June 3, 2007


Finally, we are getting underway. There is still some residual rain and high seas but anything is better than being tied up for days. We are heading back to Florida to do some multibeam work and to put the AUV in the water. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of images it sends back to the ship.

The beds on here are so hard. I wish that there were those foam mattresses that conform to your body. I need something for my aching back. There aren't many places to go on board where you can just be quiet and read, other than your bunk. I'll get bed sores if I get anymore sleep.

I'm working on getting around to reading everyone's blogs. Email has been down here so I'm posting a bunch of entries at once. I look forward to reading all that you've written.

My serenity is intact at the moment. I'm looking forward to doing some work. Keeping busy is a salvation for me.


  1. It is such a cool thing that you are out there on the seas, and still able to be connected to all of us here on land. I relly admire your ability to always keep up your spirits (pardon the pun), even when the world around you is in stormy weather. Must be that good old al-anon kickin' in!
    Safe travels, and lots of love!

  2. Great to hear from you, Syd.

  3. Keeping busy is good for the soul, isn't it, Syd? Especially when we are in places or atmospheres that aren't conducive or supporting of our recoveries.
    Sorry bout your bed, my man. Can you buy an egg crate mattress next time you are in port? It may help.
    Peace and Love,

  4. Definitely try to get an egg crate mattress. They're only like $10. I had one in rehab. I doubt I would've gotten much sleep without it.

    It's great to hear from you. I wish I could have heard the rain on the bulkhead. The thunderstorms on my skylights just don't have the same drama.

  5. yeah, get some egg crate foam, we don't want to damage the man-plant

    I know you are looking at the same moon over the sea that I'm watching....I'll beam you messages on your watch tonight.

  6. glad you're underway again...I've wondered about you!!
    jeeeze sorry about the bed!!!


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