Thursday, July 19, 2007

The answers within

"Look within.....the secret is inside you." Hui-neng

Tonight I'm getting together with my sponsor to do Step Five. I know that the answers for my recovery are within me. Now it's time for me to divulge those answers and to move forward to take action on them. I have admitted to my HP and to myself the nature of my wrongs. Now I'm going to share those wrongs with another person who I trust.

I've asked myself before what is the exact nature of my wrongs. I think that now I know that the wrongs are those thoughts and actions that were born of self-seeking, fear, selfishness, and dishonesty. The assumptions that I have made about myself in the past have not been flattering. At last, I'm coming to grips with whether those assumptions are real or just a result of my character defects.

Alcoholism has taken a toll on my life. But as a result of working the steps, I am understanding that alcoholism doesn't have the power to ruin my life forever. Like a rain shower, I think that the fifth step will be a cleansing experience for me.


  1. The most wonderful things about all of us who are willing to understand the effects of others alcoholism on us, the greater answers of all kinds find us.
    I honestly believe we are far wiser by just admitting we are powerless over anothers choices.
    That is such a huge relief for me to finally accept.Now I am free to seek questions and answers about things I can change :) is Scouts belly button birthday..pass it on...

  2. Nice post today. I too find it so refreshing as I learn to accept that I am powerless over this disease and slowly the guilt begins to dissipate...

  3. Ahh. good luck with that syd.
    step 5 is not an easy one, nut i am confident you will be just fine.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful experience with your 5th Step, Syd. I think it can be cleansing for people for sure.
    Peace and LOVE,
    P.S. you made the headline in my post today ;-)

  5. Step 5, another step towards freedom. Good news!!

  6. I just did a step 5. What a relief! It is cleansing, & you get the courage from that step to go on to your others. You understand why, & you get to know your assets along with your defects. Most
    assuredly, your assets list will be longer than your defects. I see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, & it's not a train.

    Just one last thing, I am an alcoholic, & codependent, I think most alcholics are. I've heard those alcoholics say they got as much, if not more help from Alanon, as AA. When I get a good foundation in AA I'm going to Alanon as well, Lord knows I need to.

  7. I think the 5th step has the most profound impact on us. How wonderful for you.

  8. In my area of the world...when someone takes their 5th step...we say NOW......welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous. It's the symbol I think, that we have truly committed to the WORK. I see great comittment on your part.

  9. Hats off to you, Syd. This is an important step for healing.


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