Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeling good

Today was a good day. I have felt amazingly good since I did the fifth step. It makes me feel that I have truly made progress.

I met up with some friends from out of town and did something that I have never done in this town before. I went for a carriage ride. It was a good time and an opportunity to hear some new facets about this historic town that I live near. My friends enjoyed the boat also and after they left I left the marina and anchored near the bird rookery again.

A weak cold front had come through and the temperatures were about 10 degrees cooler than they have been all week. There was a stiff breeze and it was a fantastic night on the boat.

I'm finding that I really look forward to my time on the boat. It's a time to reflect, meditate, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.


  1. glad to hear. step 5 feels GREAT afterwards it has to be said.

  2. I'm so jealous, i can only imagine the serenity of being able to take the water and suroundings. I'm officially moved into my cabin and was sitting on the porch reflecting this weekend and as if to say welcome, a HUGE cardinal flew in and landed in one of the trees. Life is good...

  3. Ya, I would really love that, too, Syd. It sounds fabulous.


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