Sunday, July 22, 2007

The God Box

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My sponsor first told me about the God Box. I had never heard of this and at first it seemed like an idea that I would ignore. I have quite a few boxes around--antique ones mainly. I've always liked boxes and my recent purchase was a machinist's chest from the late 1800's. Anyway, someone had given me a small wicker box that was just sitting on the window seat in the master bedroom.

So when I was having a really bad day about six months ago, I wrote down a prayer for a friend and placed it in this little wicker box that now was the God Box. Since then, I've written down the names of friends when they have troubles. Or I've written down more prayers when I need to just let go and let God. Now this little box holds all my character defects. Each day, I pull out a different one and work on it. The ones that are pulled out are going into a drawer of the machinist's chest. Those defects that I no longer have (from long ago) get examined and then tossed. The ones that I am stubborn about get put back in the God Box.

I like the idea of a random drawing of my character defects. The other day when I was cutting them out into strips to put into the God Box, I dropped a couple of them. I told my SO that I just lost a couple of defects. The look that I got was funny and the retort of "Well, I'm sure that you'll find them again." was even better. I'm glad that I was working on Irritability that day.


  1. you know even your posts sound different after your step 5. ? lighter or something.

  2. I was told about the "God Box" but have yet to use the idea.

  3. love love love boxes

    my God box was so useful in my early days---

  4. Those tangible reminders are good.

  5. I love God Boxes, I had a God can (same concept) a long time ago... only I was to put things in it to let go of them. The can was designed that it could not be opened. So I put things in there for a couple of years... LOL I pakced the can and found it a a few more years later... and tried to open it to see what was in it... and I didnt have a can opener so they stayed in there... I guess it worked because I can not rememeber what was in there.
    You are too funny and sounds like your SO are too


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