Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy, joyous and free

Tonight's discussion was on how to be happy, joyous and free in all aspects of our life. For me, it has meant that I need to take what I get from working the steps and hear in meetings and use that information in my job, my home life, my travels and my other dealings. Essentially, my program is a road map for living.

It's been helpful for me to use the teachings of the program to understand how to deal with conflict and with other situations that used to cause me difficulty. In the past I have fled from conflict or internalized its affects to the extent that I was dragged down into a mire of self-pity and resentment.

Let's face it, there are difficult people everywhere. I figure that if I can keep my head and not react when a conflict arises, then I'm on the right path to serenity. I think that everyday there will be something that comes along to test me. It's just the way life is. If I can remember that I can choose to react or not, choose to stay in touch with my HP, and choose to start my day over if necessary, then I think I'm coming closer to being happy, joyous and free.


  1. yup, new design for living means I have better chance of being happy, joyous and free-- yup all about choices

    those difficult people are my spiritual sandpaper. God puts 'em in front of me so I learn something about me

  2. I usually am good about keeping my head, but occasionally I do have problems. I really could learn to do better. Thanks for the reminder that I can start over and that it really is better for me to focus on the serenity.

    You set a good example.


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