Thursday, August 2, 2007

Baring it all

Sunday will be the first time that I share my story. My first anniversary in Al-Anon is August 13 but I'll be out of town on that date so I'm going to celebrate it on August 5. I haven't planned to bare everything at this meeting since it's the one that has the dominatrix ensconced as the queen. It isn't my home group but it's where my sponsor will give me my chip. This group will get the watered down version. On August 6, I will also share at my home group. I have several friends who are coming to that one. I won't go on and on about my life history but will provide pieces of background that are pertinent to my experience.

I've decided that for both groups I'm going to finish up early and ask that we discuss what was the defining thing that brought us to recovery. For me, it was an emptiness, a marriage that was failing, a loss of interest in living, and a realization that I needed help that couldn't be gotten through therapy. It it weren't for a friend who told me about the program, I would still be struggling to live.

Thanks to all of you who share about yourself and bare all in your blogs. Your honesty and courage is an inspiration to me and many others. I am getting there and it feels so good.


  1. It really is amazing how sharing opens others peoples hearts and inspires change and hope isn't it?
    Thank YOU for being a part of that too Syd :)
    Tab xo

  2. Your honesty and forthrightness are good for me to read as well.

  3. One year of working this beautiful program will change anyone who truly works it. I believe you work a great program. I've heard lots of Al Anon speakers, but I've never attended a birthday nite. I need to do that. Thank you for sharing on your blog, and mine.

  4. Dear Syd,

    As an addict of all sorts madly in love with an Al-Anon (ok, he has attended some meetings but is not as precise as you, yet I hope, he has Al-Anon qualifications) you give me hope. I love the serenity and newfound life discoveries you share. Sure I get hope from my side, those that are sickened by the Dz but for family members, like my sweetheart, I worry and want him to connect to others that are in the program.

    I am so excited for you. One year, WOOT - TOOT! You inspire me, and I am grateful that you have opened yourseld up to the blogging world. Lots of love to you.

  5. happy happy AlAnon birthday SYD!!!

    I always try to remember that I tell my story for me and to hear what I need to hear that God is say ing thru me.

    Glad you are here.

  6. Your reasons for going to Al-Anon are almost exactly the same reasons I drank, and then when that didn't fulfill me, why I went to AA. Spirituality really is the way to go.

    I feel fortunate to have found your blog and that you are willing to share your experience, strength and hope. You've added much to my recovery.

  7. your experiences are much appreciated, let us know how you get on :) Have a fab weekend!

  8. Syd,
    Congratulations. One year! That's a long time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hopes on the road to sobriety and serenity. You have no idea how your words have helped me and I'm sure so many others. You are an inspiration. I'm glad you are approaching your goal. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thats awesome, once you do you will feel like a different person.


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