Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Island Time

It's easy to be swayed by the exoticism of this place. But it's a haven for tourists and they are the main income. I took a water taxi over to the main part of town today. There were a lot of shops, especially jewelry, but what appealed to me was the open market where there was all kinds of stuff for sale. I bought some gifts for friends and my SO. Just some stuff to take back as a surprise.

I liked the Charlotte Amalie harbor. It is a beautiful spot but I couldn't help but think how beautiful it must have been before all the tourists came. But the life style of the islanders must have been so much worse because slavery was still occurring and sugar cane was the main crop. It's definitely a seductive place but not somewhere that I would choose to live.

I'm missing home a bit today. The conference is going okay but tomorrow will be the real deal when the money for the various regions is discussed. I'm hoping to get an increase for one of my research projects but with funding for research so tight, it will remain to be seen how that goes.

I am looking forward to flying home on Friday and getting on my sailboat on Saturday. I want to be on my own island on my own time.


  1. I just read your last two posts. I commend you on taking the time to post on your blog with so much going on. I love to keep up with everyone while they are out living their lives. Enjoy yourself, you'll be home soon enough. Good luck with the funding...maybe it's your turn!

  2. I hope you get all the $$ you need to do your work. And get home soon!

  3. This might be an ideal time to get some future HNT pix.


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