Friday, August 3, 2007

Seventh Tradition

I went to an AA meeting last night which I really enjoyed. It was at St. Thomas Reformed Anglican Church which itself is an historic structure. The topic was on the Seventh Tradition. I had read in the 12 x 12 about the Seventh Tradition but it was nice to hear the topic discussed in a meeting. I also felt very welcomed and glad to share since it was a small meeting.

Someone mentioned that it's important to give what you feel like giving and another mentioned that he always gives the cost of his last drink. I thought that was a good idea. I mentioned that after all the therapy that I've had, I've gotten more for my voluntary contribution at meetings than anywhere else. I also mentioned that it was a good thing that the hospitals that Dr. Bob and Bill W. wanted to start never materialized. It would have changed the entire focus of AA. The program has reached so many more people by being the way that it is rather than trying to concentrate on alcoholics in hospitals. The HP had a hand in that I'm sure.

Thankfully I made it home without too many hitches today. Although the airlines are never on time, I just don't sweat it anymore. The guy next to me was having a fit about delays, etc. As long as the pilot can fly the plane, I figure that I'm ahead of the game.

I'm grateful that it's the weekend and I'll get to go sailing before my birthday meeting on Sunday. I'm still trying to catch up on missed blogs, etc.

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