Friday, August 31, 2007

A nice evening

We had a nice time tonight. The restaurant that I had originally planned to go to was very crowded and loud, so we discussed going to another one that we like that is less popular but has good food. We actually laughed out loud about things and didn't get into anything heavy or morose. It was as if the last few days had been forgotten in favor of having some playful time. I enjoyed hearing her laughter and seeing the sparkle come back. I enjoyed the company and happy comfortable feeling. We stayed in the moment which was a good place to be.

I'm grateful that we were able to share our happiness in that moment. I'm grateful that we didn't talk about anything related to the past or the future. I'm also grateful for a restaurant that was happy and upbeat. Now, I'm off to get some contented sleep.


  1. Cool. Good for you.
    The only thig that matters is the present anyway. Thats where it all happens.. Not the past or an imagined future.

  2. We actually laughed out loud about things and didn't get into anything heavy or morose.

    Lovely post. Laughing is important. I should know, considering I'm a standup comedienne.

    This is my first time at your blog! Nice digs you got here.

    Feel free to stop by my spot. I would love it if you dropped in and left a relevant comment. (I'm always on the lookout for new insights.)

    Enjoy your weekend! I'll be checking back to browse through your archives and to get caught up on what I missed.

  3. We do that too. Just drop all the problems for the night and enjoy our time together.
    Why can't we ALWAYS do that? LOL

  4. I just love your posts, they are so heartfelt. Staying in the present, if we could do more of that, we could keep the love dancing with one another.

    It's been a long time since you visited my post. I am fellow traveler now, but my pen name is still sharonsjourney. Hope you stop by.

  5. Syd congrats to you!! You accomplished one of the hardest things to do sometimes in just drop everything, all the problems, resentments, justifications, who's right & who's wrong, and just be and enjoy each others time together.

    Try to keep doing that! Oh, I'm just throwing this out there not sure if it would help but I learned a great deal from the book "The Five Love Languages"


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