Thursday, August 30, 2007

Living the blues

Lately, it would appear that my life is playing out like an old blues song. But it seems that the emotional upheavals that come in relationships don't make me want to give up. Instead, I'm finding that if I use what I've learned in Al-Anon, I can get through these rough times without backsliding.

While things aren't great at home, they haven't deteriorated any further. I've had to make clear a painful boundary but it's one that was going to come out anyway. I'm glad that I didn't feel guilty about explaining the boundary and was able to do it in a loving way.

I went down to the boat last night. My dock neighbors have split up. I liked both of these people but they've decided that for the time being, they have to be apart. One of the fellows said that being unselfish and giving space to the other was true love. I would agree. I know that I need my space right now even if for a couple of hours. I'm feeling calm and accepting.

My SO and I have made a date for Friday night. I'm just doing my best to have no expectations and have none put on me. Just living in the moment is going to have to suffice.

I thought that the following would add some humor to this whole blues thing (from

You ARE qualified to write or sing the blues if:

You ARE NOT qualified to write or sing the blues if:

  • You shot (or stabbed) a man (or woman) in Memphis.

  • Your first name is the same as a southern state, such as Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and so on. Other acceptable names for men are Joe, Willie, Little Willie, or Lightnin’. Women may use the names Sadie, Big Mama, or Bessie. If your name is Sierra or Sequoia, you will not be permitted to write or sing the blues, no matter how many men (or women) you shot (or stabbed) in Memphis. For more information, see Supplemental Naming Information, below.

  • You're blind (or at least no better than 20/400 vision in one or more eyes).

  • You just can't be satisfied.

  • You were blind once, but now you can see (whether through corrective lenses or divine intervention).

  • You're deaf.

  • You have a trust fund.

  • Your house has more than one bathroom.

  • Your name is Julio Iglesias or Barbra Streisand.

NOTE: Teenagers are not permitted to write or sing the blues. The blues is an adults-only situation. By adult, we mean that you must be old enough to disregard the electric chair if you shot (or stabbed) a man (or woman) in Memphis.


  1. sounds like you are taking care of you. That is great... and freakin crackin up at your lists of who can and cant sing the blues ahahhahahahahahha thanks for makin me chuckle

  2. heeee heeeee heeeee, very funny!

    here's wish you whatever it is you need to get through this!

  3. Hey good luck with the date on friday. Good work. Yeah and thanks for the chuckle!

  4. shit
    can't write the Blues
    don't wanna live anymore
    but would love love love to dance to 'em again!

  5. Well I know someone who can sing the blues. He was the night I kicked him so hard in his cojones he walked on his knees all night.
    That was pitiful.
    I love the idea that you are able to set boundaries. It's great to have good communication. Who needs the drama?


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