Monday, August 20, 2007

Random things

Mark tagged me for 8 random things about myself. It seems like I've done this before on here. I'm not sure how random these are but I'll try to do them rapidly so they might be somewhat random:
1. My first job was working at a marine institute where I dumped dead oysters out of jars. And I did it for free, volunteering for the summer.
2. My favorite car that I've owned was a red 1968 Mustang.
3. I would really like to visit exotic places like Cairo, Calcutta, and the Amazon and others that I've read about.
4. I've been down to over 2000 meters in a submersible.
5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
6. I used to do oil and acrylic painting and took private art lessons for 5 years.
7. I have volunteered at homeless shelters and at a halfway house for the mentally ill.
8. I used to own a thoroughbred horse who raced at Pimlico.

Okay, I'm supposed to tag others so I guess that I'll tag Mary Christine, dAAve, Tab, Lash, Kel, Shannon, Matty, and Pat. Sorry guys....


  1. You have got to be kidding??? I need to do this again???? I guess I have to come up with another list.

  2. I already did it. Sometime.
    Cairo is a strange place. Been there twice and not sure what I think about it.

  3. very interesting list syd.
    don't ya just love learning little odd tidbits about fellow bloggers?

  4. Thanks Syd :)

    Wow - volunteering to dump dead oysters??? Phew...

  5. Syd,
    Thanks...I think! Will do it next week when my brain is not running on empty.


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