Thursday, November 22, 2007

A lot to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think it's because there's very little about it that has been commercialized. There's no gifts to give, no stress of decorating, but just a lot of good food, friends and family. It's about being thankful for the bountiful things that surround us. It's about being with family, eating too much, taking a nap, sitting by a fire, and just relaxing.

I've always liked this holiday. Thanksgiving was always the first holiday of the year where turkey was cooked. And there was always a Smithfield ham--that hard, old ham with the strong flavor that Virginians love. And there was sage dressing, oyster stew, corn pudding, yams, a tray of spiced apples and peaches and sweet pickles, and sweet potato pie, mince pie or apple pie for dessert with real churned ice cream. All of this was served on the old Hepplewhite table in the big dining room. My father would carve the turkey and the ham with the bone- handled knife that has been in the family for generations. After dinner, everyone would retire to the living room where a fire would be burning in the fireplace. It was a good time.

And on this current day, it was too warm for a fire but the same food was cooked. And the joy of being with good friends and family made it special. It's like a lineage of good feelings on this day. And those feelings are precious and worth holding onto. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. that sound absolutely wonderful! and thankful...

  2. What a wonderful day and menu you have described!

  3. "JOY" that is a word I think encompasses every day of my life now.

    As I read your post, I am grateful and JOYfull every day I am alive now...I AM amazed...and pray I am no-where NEAR halfway through....

    You're one of my blessings and I will attempt to continue more frequestly to comment and reallt DOES get better...

    This is a WE program and your input and love for life are inspiring.

    GOD bless you my friend,

  4. You're right about Thanksgiving. After that is when all the madness of Christmas starts. Thanksgiving is just about that "giving thanks" , enjoying our families, friends and eating. It doesn't get better than that.


  5. My favorite too for the same reasons and I feel so blessed to have spent this one sober. I prefer to be home and the one doing the cooking but being in NYC and trying (note trying:) to see the Macy's parade and being with my family and my niece and nephew were enough for me.

    I have a full and grateful heart.

  6. I miss the big family get togethers on the hollidays. You're right about Thanksgiving, now it's my fav holiday. I am visiting my sister for a time. I cooked the turkey dinner & loved it. I don't get a chance to cook for, & wait on anyone these days, as I live alone. So it was a treat to do so. We relaxed by the fire & talked afterwards. I felt grateful to be able to visit my sister for this Thanksgiving. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, that's what Thanisgiving is all about.

  7. I too love Thanksgiving because of all the reasons you mention and more. Uhhhh now I have stuffing hangover lol
    have a great Saturday SYD


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