Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grey days

It's grey outside today. I'm looking out at the water and like the overcast feel of the day. I've come to like cloudy days. Maybe I've lived too long in hot weather and appreciate any respite from the sun. But there's something comforting about having it be cloudy outside. It's close to having a rainy day when I can go into a cave like existence.

I would like to move back to the cave today. The meeting has been non productive but painless so far. I didn't expect too much to be actually accomplished. Most of these meetings allow an exchange of ideas but often we find that it's a pie in the sky kind of thing. We don't have the information really needed to do what we want to do.

I used to let things like that frustrate me. I would generally make a statement that we don't even know the basics so how can we move to the multi-level complicated modeling of the environment. Now I'm resigned to not having the answers. I don't know if we will have the answers we loftily look for. Maybe just having a mental exercise is important. I'm not going to grandstand today. I'll just blend in and listen and hope to hear something that will stimulate me.


  1. What is it about the beach and a grey day? Especially when spring is around the corner? I think back in the recesses of my mind is that knowing the sun will be out the next day, and the grey day provides a respite from all the brightness, just for a moment, giving me appreciation of what I know is coming tomorrow

  2. nothing wrong with spending a bit of time in the cave. as long as you remember to come out again eventually..

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  4. I have to agree about the sun. It makes me happy when it is cloudy or especially when it is storming!

  5. i see you have a "friend".. lovely huh?

    i've come to like rainy grey days lately or at least i don't mind them so much like i used to.

    have a great friday :)

  6. i also love the comfort of cloudy days. cosy. content. at ease. that's how i feel. probably 'cause there are not so many of them here. have a good day!

  7. I so dislike not having all the answers. I wonder why I thought I did for so long.


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