Monday, April 21, 2008

Failure fatigue

A sober friend of mine has told me that he feels that he is a failure. At 45, he thinks his only accomplishments were those things that he did when he was a kid. And after 17 years of sobriety, I reminded him that it was an accomplishment to have gotten sober and stayed that way. I hope that he heard me.

I'm grateful today that I realize:
  • my accomplishments are more about my character than how much money I've made.
  • how fortunate I am to have accomplished just being myself
  • I'm not trying to get anyone's approval anymore
  • by getting honest I've come to respect myself more than ever.
The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm. --O. S. Marden


  1. I have a real problem being patient with people who count things as the world does... one dollar at a time.

    I am grateful to you for your sharing Syd. I know it is risky to share what is going on, but I am sure glad you do.

  2. good list! i'm hoping the need for approval continues to diminish as I work the program. it's encouraging to see how it's worked for others :) "see" ya tomorrow Syd!

  3. I still struggle with the approval thing often. I'm not sure why.
    Thanks for the good post syd.

  4. seeking approval will always be a thing for me. i just don't like going against the grain....

    love your grateful list here today!

  5. Things are better today than they used to be, but still...I am a work in progress.

  6. I love reading your blog. You are a wise man.

  7. Your Gratitude list is why I read your blog Syd...Keep sharing.

    Still calling you the
    Boat Whisperer....


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