Sunday, April 20, 2008

Late on Sunday

I had a fairly productive weekend. The electrical system on the boat is up and running. That was a good accomplishment.

The regatta was busy and somewhat crazy. There were over 150 new boats at the marina and many were rafted up and tied to one another. Many sleek J boats and Melges.

I missed a roundup this weekend that I enjoyed last year. Just too many things to get done here. And I feel a little down about it since I think that it would have been inspirational to have heard the speakers. My sponsor said that the Al-Anon speaker was excellent. I really like going to round ups where there are inspiring speakers and mini-meetings that offer a lot of choices. I come away feeling as if I'm glowing.

On a light note, I did take time to go see the Scorcese movie Shine a Light that is a documentary of a Carnegie Hall concert by the Rolling Stones. Don't miss this movie if you like rock music. It is great. The energy of Mick Jagger is staggering. Some of the best concert footage that I've seen. People were clapping and cheering in their seats as if they were really there.

I'll get around to visiting you tomorrow. Hope that you all had a good weekend.


  1. i simply loooove the rolling stones!

  2. Thanks, Syd, I will check out that movie. I'll probably wait til it's on DVD...that's just me. I started buying concert DVDs a few years ago since I am not a big concert goer. Eric Clapton's guitar benefit, another EC concert, Ray Charles, etc. To me they are better seats than being at the actual concert. ;o)

  3. I like some of the songs from the rolling stones but I still prefer Madonna, but ill look up that movie if its good.
    The Rolling stones must of been going for years, my dad said he once saw them at a pub before they were famous.
    I bet its a expensive hobby running a boat, but you seem to love it

  4. I've really gotten alot from the roundups and retreats I've participated in. Kind of like intensive care....

    Thanks for the tip on the movie

  5. You are a rock and roll man, aren't you?


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