Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's gratitude

I finally got to bed at a decent hour last night. I've been tired ever since the weekend. Sleeping on the boat is restful during the day but at night, I find that I awake easily whenever I hear a strange noise.

There wasn't any crew rowing last night because the City Marina parking lots were full and cars were being turned away. We generally get together on Wednesday evening for a 2 hour row around the Harbor. It's good exercise and another chance to be out on the water in mid-week.

I've been asked to be the speaker at an AA meeting located in the southern part of the state. This group has an Al-Anon speaker every 3 months which seems like a good idea. I wish that there were more such exchanges among the groups in the local area. There's a lot to be said for us to go to open AA meetings and for the AA's who have good recovery to be a part of Al-Anon. I have always learned a lot when I've heard AA's share and speak. Maybe my story will resonate with some in the group tonight. And it's an opportunity for me to give away some that I have been given.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • Another day to ask to do God's will
  • Having an opportunity to share my E,S, H with another fellowship
  • Feeling a lot more rested and energetic than yesterday
  • Finishing up another project at work that has taken quite a while to complete
  • The dogs and cats who seem to know when I'm tired and just let me relax--no pounces, no whines


  1. I soooooooooooo agree with you on the need to have AA/Al-Anon togetherness.

  2. The sad thing about some of the meetings I have attended was they prefer you not mention AA at all. I could never understand this since it was the wife of the alcoholic who was cofounder of AA and she founder of Al-Anon. We follow the same 12 steps. Oh well, take what you want and leave the rest.

  3. My alcoholic is going through some pressure right now because of work, and the "isms" have been coming to the fore in some areas.
    An Al-Anon friend lent me some AA speaker cd's, and I'm finding that listening to them has helped me once again to feel: gratitude that I'm not having to struggle with those problems; more compassionate and loving towards the alcoholic.

    We can all learn from each other.

  4. I also agree - I wish there was more of an open venue between both AA & Al-Anon meetings. I go to an open meeting once a month with my husband and I take alot from it. Good luck with your talk tonight!

  5. I am so grateful we hvae Alanon meetings at a lot of our AA meetings. That here in Tacoma AA and Alanon are hand in hand... Alanon has helped me a great deal too... as we who are both Alcoholics like to say we are Alanonic too hahah thanks for sharing SYD.

  6. We should have Al Anon speakers at our meeting but we dont for some reason, Hey good luck with your speech, I find I get nervous but when I speak its like its not me talking.
    You are full of worldly wisdom, like u said to me the other day, dont worry about stuff you are powerless over, so true!
    Yes I watch Hyacinth, its called "Keeping Up Appearances" over in the UK its also Alfs wife pseudonym
    See u on monday

  7. I wish I could be there to hear your talk. We have about 1/4 of our meetings that include both AA and Alanon...I really like that.

  8. wake up sleepyhead. i generally wake up often when i sleep somewhere other than my bed. must be the space is different. and i guess you are used to 'your' noises at home. different one's are on the boat...

  9. That'a a nice idea..I don't know of any groups in my area that do that.

  10. Two hours? That is quite a workout. Sleeping on a boat? I don't know....I've had water nightmares all my life (can't swim). Quiet animals? Priceless!


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