Friday, August 22, 2008


I read Tweak, the book by Nic Sheff about taking meth. And after reading it, all that I could think was that I am grateful that I don't have a child who went through what Nic did. It was a tough book in many ways. I think that if I had a child out there who was using, it would be a hard book to read.

This wasn't a kid who was evil or who had no feelings. He was a kid who loved his family, cared about the people in his life, but the drug had such a hold on him that he was willing to do just about anything to keep using. His cycles of using and recovery made me realize what a hold this drug has on people.

Drugs weren't glorified in this book. Instead, the horrors of addiction came through loud and clear. I am hoping that Nic stays clean. He knows how to work a program of recovery which was talked about quite a bit in the book. The main thing that I took from this book is that those thinking about using drugs will read about a life on drugs that is as close to hell as one can get.

PS: I did read David Sheff's book A Beautiful Boy first which was from the father's perspective. It was also a good read.


  1. Meth is nuts. I saw a show the other night on how meth is destroying a small Alabama town. It seems one hit and your screwed. And your right, it scares the hell out of me that my 8 and 5 year old might one day get caught up in it. Hopefully not.

  2. I absolutely loved this book! Not only was it a page turner, but it was written by someone young. There's a greater chance, I hope, of young people taking something from this book because of that.

    You have to read Beautiful Boy, by his dad, next. And that's the order, I think, that they should be read in. Tweak is so harrowing, but to then read the effect of his actions on his father is really amazing.

    Just my opinion. Glad you liked the book tho.

  3. What is Meth, I aint heard of that one, the last book I read like that was "Addict" about this guy hooked on Speed.
    My blog is the old sort with a HTML template, when you click on change to layout in Dashboard it should automatically convert it instead I get a message with a link explaining how to do it which explains to press the button that brings the message up, I have seen others complaining about it so I guess its something wrong at there end.
    Anyway Syd Ill see u on Tuesday

  4. My 29 year old daughter has been using meth since she was 15 - with some periods of cleanness interspersed. It is not only hell for the user, but for everyone who loves them. I think I'll skip that book.

  5. Crystal meth is having a devastating effect on gay communities worldwide. Lambda Center, here in Houston, now has Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings almost every day. It's a start.

  6. Another book you might wat to read is "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close enounters with addiction" by Gabor Mate, a physician who is presently working in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside with hardcore addicts. He not only describes the addicts and goes over current brain research, he also examines his own addictive tendancies for work and buying CD's. He also discusses the 12 steps and the role of spirituality in recovery. Not an easy read (I'm not yet finished) but a hopeful and introspective one.

  7. By the grace of God
    is what comes to mind.
    In so many ways,
    by the grace of God there go I.
    by the grace of God there goes my children...
    Funny, I never understood when I was a little girl what my Great Grandmother meant when she said that.
    I do now.

    I'll have to read that book.

  8. I've wanted to read both those books, but I just can not-and for sooooo many reasons.
    there is so much pain on both sides of the fence.

  9. Syd, I'm just learning here from your posts and the commentaries. Meth was simply not a popular substance in my crowd. Who am I kidding? I didn't HAVE a 'crowd'...I was a strict LONER--remember, a 'hermit'. Ho, ho, ho!

  10. Thanks, Syd, for your comment today about Mickey. It helped a lot. You seem to be one of his favorites to go after because many of his comments were about "Syd, the Anti-Christ"....what a poor, sick man.

  11. That is some scary stuff - I am grateful that my husband never did that.

  12. I have heard about the books but have not had the time to read them. Hope to be able to find that time soon.

  13. Danielle Steele's His Bright Light is a great book. My son M emailed her and got a personal email back. Her son Nick had alot of similarities with M, music, bipolar, drugs. Unfortunately, he didn't survive it.


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