Saturday, August 9, 2008

What Syd needs....

Judith at Vicarious Rising suggested this: Type your name and "needs" into Google to see what 10 things come up. Cat has posted hers. So here is what I need:

1. Syd needs your votes---you didn't know that I was running for anything but I must be.
2. Syd needs to do a TED talk--I don't work on Turtle Excluder Devices (TED's) but maybe there is another TED acronym that I need to talk about.
3. Syd needs a good editor in a big way--'nuff said.
4. Syd needs to take his medicine--I already did Step Nine!
5. Syd needs to go to the supermarket--on my list of things to do-NOT!
6. Syd needs luv!--I'll agree to that.
7. Syd needs a bathroom with a thermal control--hmmm, I would like one of those towel warmers
8. Syd needs a friend--everyone needs as many good friends as they can get.
9. Syd needs a fresh start with some new man--okay Dave, what do you say?
10. Syd needs to retrieve--but I have dogs that do that.

I'm tagging Lou, Cedrorum, and Dave on this one. Tell us what you need.


  1. 1. Elizabeth needs protection.
    2. Elizabeth needs a hero.
    3. Elizabeth needs to stomp that latin out.
    4. Elizabeth needs a nuk.
    5. Elizabeth needs email support.
    6. Do you think Elizabeth needs to wear a second shoe? Why or why not?
    7. Elizabeth needs your prayers.
    8. Story goes on, but Elizabeth needs to heal.
    9. Elizabeth needs to be loved/ needs loving.
    10. Elizabeth needs justice, dignity.

    All true, but anyone know what a nuk is? and do I really need one?

    Thanks for the fun list, I love your blog Syd...

  2. OK Syd, I don't usually do these. But if you can be goofy, I guess I can too.

  3. TED is the name od my sponsor who is spending the summer in Powderhorn, CO and just returned to P'horn from Crested Butte Mountain Conference.

    Gotta go GOOGLE what I really NEED! (I always have had "special needs", before sobriety, and IN sobriety!)

  4. Judi needs -- a piece of the action
    Judi needs -- to learn how to deal with FBI infiltration
    Judi needs -- to meet our team
    Judi needs -- fitness consulting
    Judi needs -- to go vote (maybe for you Syd)
    Judi needs -- an old english sheep dog
    Judi needs -- to wear her glasses
    Judi needs -- supplies for the races (yeah!!!) I gotta go get everything I need. Love!

  5. Isn't that an old half naked picture you posted?

  6. I say, Syd has got all that he needs with us blogger friends. ;o)


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