Friday, September 5, 2008

Boarded up

The hurricane shutters went up yesterday afternoon at the research institute. They are metal shutters that go up along the harbor side of the building. Every day for all these years I've looked out my window to see boats going by, rainbows, sunsets, the bridge, the city, birds, and otters playing in the marsh. I've appreciated that view but never to the extent that I realized until it was blocked by the metal shutters.

It's odd how I have become used to looking out those big windows and taken for granted that view would always be there. Even though it's only temporary, not having the light come through the windows makes it feel gloomy. So today I think that I'm going to print out a few photos of the harbor and paste them on the window. I may not have a panorama but at least symbolically I'll have a few 9 x 12 reminders of what I usually see.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • Having a room with a view for so many years
  • Hannah being just a strong gust of wind rather than a big bag of wind
  • Getting a good night's sleep without any worries
  • Small kindnesses that come along without any clues as to why
  • Loving life and living with love


  1. I love a nice view to look out of, here i can see all the green trees over the quarry, when i worked at my last job, at first I was confined to this room with no windows at the middle of the building and I started getting depressed from lack of sunlight.
    Its pouring down here today, looks like a gloomy weekend as well

  2. here's to appreciating the little things! have a super weekend syd!

  3. stay dry during hannah! gustav dumped rain on us for a few days but it was needed here

    i LOVE this one too: "Getting a good night's sleep without any worries" isn't it fantastic?! makes all the difference in the world when the body and mind get a good rest.

    nice post

  4. Stay safe and happy weekend to you Syd!

  5. It all sounds long as it's just a heavy wind.

  6. Oooh, thanks for the reminder to write a gratitude list.

    ::heading off to post it::

    Big hugs; stay safe. PP

  7. Hi Syd,

    Thanks for the welcome to the blog world. I appreciate it.

    I'm grateful for:
    ...Tropical Storm Fay bringing us needed rain and doing no real damage
    ...Hurricane Gustav staying to the West and skipping FL
    ...Hurricane Hannah staying to the East and skipping FL
    ...Hurricane Ike giving us plenty of time to prepare should it not skip us
    ...Not panicking over all these storms

  8. I love the idea of the photos.
    Enjoy your weekend (if you so choose). And I think you do.

  9. Syd, I haven't been on everyone's blog the last few days. Definitely keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers for safe-keeping and for a bark and no bite kind of night.

  10. Lovely idea to put up prints. I hope the shutters are down and the storm is safely over soon.

  11. Yep, being grateful for:

    "Small kindnesses that come along without any clues as to why.."

    Could these be the result of:

    "Loving life and living with love"??

    ..."We think SO!"

  12. It's funny, but people were buying grass seed pre-Hannah today. I had to laugh. People will do anything for a free watering in anticipation of a lush lawn. Why? I have no clue. I live in an apartment. :o)

    I hope your pictures calm you until your metal windows come down. Stay dry.

  13. You are spoiled rotten with that view, for sure. :o)


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