Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Second Road

There's a great site that some of us have been blogging on. It's called The Second Road and it's a site where people with all aspects of recovery can express themselves.

I've been doing some posts there for a couple of months. There are a lot of resources at the site and it's an opportunity to read, reflect and make comments about what's going on in your life. People in ALL stages of recovery using ANY method that works for them are welcome.

I applaud the people who put this site together. They recognized that there needed to be a place where support could be gotten on line. Recovery is not an easy thing regardless of what you're recovering from: alcohol, drugs, effects of someone's else's alcoholism, sex addiction, etc. It's a struggle sometimes to get through the day.

I'm hoping to start a section on The Second Road that is devoted to Al-Anon. Right now, there is something called Family and Friends that includes posts by people who deal with an addiction in a family member. Anyway, hope that you take a look and spend some time at The Second Road. It has a lot to offer.


  1. Hi Syd,
    Ill take a look at that site after ive commented everyone, I got made redundant in 2000 and descended into the abyss of a drunken hermit, this time though I am sober and what a massive difference.
    In fact dare I say it I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks, sometimes a change can be salvation, now wheres the telephone number for samaritans

  2. hey! thanks for the reminder. i haven't been there for a while, why i don't know, 'cause i DO like the site VERY MUCH.

  3. If you start it....they will come.

  4. I check you out there sometimes. What I don't like is starting a post and then being directed there to finish it.

  5. I am there often reading people and soaking up information - I would love an al-anon section there - let me know if I can help you in your attempts. Cat

  6. cool! i shall check it out. thanks for sharing it syd.

  7. Thanks for this blog... The Second Road... what a cool site!


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