Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's fair time

The fair has come to town, and I'm planning to go tomorrow. This isn't the fair of my youth. I remember when the fair would come to the lot behind my elementary school, and there would be a lot of excitement as we'd go on rides, eat cotton candy and scream like crazy in the Fun House. That fair also had real scary things like a two-headed calf that was crammed in a bottle of formalin. I used to think that having two heads was awful. Now there are days that I could use an extra one.

I had a romantic encounter at the fair when I was in high school. There was this fair worker who was really fair. We started making eyes at each other and ended up doing some serious groping in the Fun House. Those were the days.

My father used to take me to the state fair which was a much bigger event. We especially enjoyed the state horse show. I never tired of watching the horses when I was a kid. I got to see some of the premier riders of the day who later went on to join the US Equestrian Team. My father had a love of horses and all animals that he passed on to me.

The fair that comes to this town is fun. It's bigger than the fairs of my youth. There are some rides that I enjoy like the gravity drop. But I don't go on the whirling ones because they make me hurl. Spewing elephant ears and fried lard over the crowd can get to be a bit embarrassing.

There's always some good entertainment too, like the old blues musician who is a one-man band. And then there is the petting zoo and the animal exhibits. I never realized that there were so many different types of rabbits. And the baby goats are always entertaining. They butt heads just for fun.

It's said that fall isn't here until the fair comes to this neck of the woods. So I'm going to go, enjoy some nostalgic moments, sample some unhealthy food, and feast on the sights and sounds.


  1. Sounds nice. Going to fairs used to be a drinking occasion for a teenager..and I haven't been in years..

    Maybe next year, they've passed here already.

  2. Please eat an elephant ear, corn on the cob, drink a lemonade for me! I missed the North Carolina State Fair this year so it's up to you now!!

    Have fun!


  3. I really enjoyed this post - Very discriptive. You gave me everything but the smells and I thank you for that!

  4. oh we love the fair, have fun. Enjoy that unhealthy food!

  5. I remember the fairs of my youth, what fun the rides were and the games and trying to win something, anything!!!!
    I hadn't had an elephant ear until I moved to where I am now...and OMG they are trecherously delicious...enjoy some grilled corn, hot dogs and an elephant ear and if that's not enough...then go on a ride too!!! LOL enjoy and thank you for the memories!!!

  6. Whats an elephant ear? lol Eat some funnel cake for me! With powdered sugar. Hmmm. Most of all, have FUN!

  7. Mmm... elephant ears! Yum! We call it Malasadas where I come from. Its Portuguese fried dough.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Have fun and enjoy!

    Peace and Serenity.

  8. Nice to have a non Al-A post once in awhile.
    My best memory from our state fair was when Andrew & I walked over to the cow enclosure when he was about 5 years old. On the straw lay a cow with 1/2 of a baby calf protuding from her...birth canal.
    I don't know who was more disturbed, me or him.

  9. Yea syd, been bonfire night here in uk, sure u heard about it, we aint had a bonfire to go to this year, i feel a bit sorry for luke sometimes he seems so sad, hes here we me as i write this, he has loads of computer games to play on, i hope he doesnt go through the depression i went through.
    u know i could use a good day out somewher november is so miserable in the uk

  10. Fairs are romantic atmospheres!
    Hi Syd!!!

  11. Our church sponsors the largest local fair every year. This weekend is when it begins. Alky and I usually find our way over there sometime before it leaves.

    We love the sausage with grilled onions and green peppers and the elephant ears. Yum!

    Have fun.

  12. Oh You're so lucky! I want fried dough with powdered sugar (zeppolis from my youth). Our fairs started the summer season in May and we went to fairs all over the island until Labor Day. What fun!

    Have a great time, Syd!

  13. Fairs are great. I got felt up in the fun house once too but it wasn't by someone I knew. lol

    The swings make me wanna puke too.

    Once I won a record, a 45. It was Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendrix. My mother got mad and broke it in half. ;-)

  14. Syd, I forgot to tell you to check out my post today. There's something waiting for you.

  15. I found a lot about your fair blog to be about Al-Anon...two heads and baby goats ramming their heads for fun. Gravity drops and whirling/hurling. Could be a meeting! HA! Loved the fun. Hope you have some.

  16. You sure made me LOL...because I DO remember "spewing" all over the crowd below, on one of those spinning rides!

    But that was long ago. We are going to our own fair (not the larger county fair) tonight, Fri. If I can report something interesting other tham spewing, I'll do-it.

  17. i love the fair as much as when i was a child. to look, wander and taste. enjoy it!!!

  18. Thanks for bringing back some of the same memories I had when I was young and would visit the Nevada state fair in Las Vegas. It seems fairs share the same things wherever they are. I remember my first fried twinkies and snickers bars at a fair in South Carolina. If you can eat it, they can fry it in South Carolina.

  19. I thought fried dough were doughnuts. No? I never went to a fair.

  20. I love a fair! I never could ride any of the rides but I loved the funnel cakes and just the thrill in the air.


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