Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Saturday morning....

and I feel like an old hawg. The fair last night was fun. We walked around, looked at exhibits, smelled the food and "sampled" an elephant's ear. We decided not to go on any of the rides because the lines were long and most were of the whirling and hurling type.

I slept in and woke up to the great feeling of Saturday morning. And because it's a long weekend with a holiday on Tuesday (and annual leave on Monday), there is the feeling of having the luxury of time. Not having to think about anything but this day is easier to do when I know that the next 3 days will be filled with that Saturday feeling of "easy does it".

My only plans are to take the boat our for a long sail on this gorgeous day and then spend 3 days on her with a sail back on Tuesday. The weather is supposed to be warm with cool nights and the winds are going to be great for sailing. It's time to take advantage of the weather to get some quality down time.

At one of my meetings this week, we talked about gratitude. And there is so much to be grateful for. One of my favorite sharings of gratitude is that God brought me to Al-Anon and Al-Anon brought me to God. And I think that I'll leave you with that today.


  1. You sound so content. Here I am all happy that Syd, who I don't really know, is content.

  2. I'm also happy about Syd's contentment-of-the-day. He's in Alanon, and I'm an Alcoholic.

    And I use--frequently--the truism that
    "God brought me to Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous brought me to God."


  3. Have a great time on the boat. It looks like you have 4 great weather days to relax.

  4. I love gratitude! AND ITs still nice weather where you are at?? NO FAIR! It is charcoal grey outside and pouring :( lol

  5. I love that....God brought to Alanon and Alanon brought me to God. That is so true in my life. I am going to make a copy to hang on my fridge. Thank you Syd...have a great weekend off.

    It is going to rain here today but I love that! I nest in my house near the fire reading good books. With my little one cuddled up next to me, reading too. Absolute peace.

  6. Enjoy your time off-I love the gratitude part of...God brought me to Al-Anon and Al-Anon brought me to God. That statement alone will bring me peace all weekend. Thank you.

  7. I so agree with what content-a-roni's true and i have that as my bookmark...thank you for this most content and gracious post!!! Happy Saturday!

  8. Have a very enjoyable long weekend off.

  9. I adore the days when I feel no pressure and can be content and O.K. with the day simply unfolding in front of me as it will.

    It doesn't get any better than that.


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