Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday thoughts

I'm happy that it's Friday. I don't have any pressing things that are happening today. I'll finish up editing a report and hopefully have some time to write on a proposal that I'm working on.

Yesterday, I learned that a colleague has decided not to be a participant in a project that will provide experiences to minority students in the field of marine science. She is a new Ph.D. and thinks that her efforts need to be concentrated more on publishing. I remember having a touch of new Ph.D-itis when I started. I was arrogant, judgmental, and thought that the world would stop if I didn't publish my research. Now after years in the field, I've come to realize that research and publication are just one aspect of science. Probably what's more important is outreach and trying to educate and excite others about the world around them. And that it's necessary to spark some interest in others who will get into the field.

That's like the "care and feeding" of newcomers at meetings. They aren't alive to the possibilities of a good life yet, but if our "outreach" is strong, they'll eventually be able to see all the good things that there are about themselves and about life.

So that brings me to my gratitude list for today. I'm thankful for:
  • having had yet another spiritual awakening this week
  • understanding that each of us has a path, yet we eventually all wind up at the same ultimate destination
  • having found that my path has rocks and hills but thus far no insurmountable boulders or mountains to block the way
  • knowing that God can and will help me if I seek him
I hope that you enjoy your Friday. I'm looking forward to all that the day has to offer.

And if you get a chance, stop by on Sunday evening at The Second Road for the 8 PM chat that I'm hosting. It's wild card night.


  1. those gratitudes... wow. gotta love them. have a wonderful friday too!

  2. good post today sugar butt.
    enjoy your friday.

  3. Wow Syd,

    Great blog. Very inspiring. Truthful and daring. I love it.

    Thanks for finding me so I could find you.

    My husband is an alcoholic too, along with sex addiction. He's been in AA for years but fell away and started drinking a few yrs. ago. He was finally able to stop completely again last June. He's back to his meetings and doing the steps.

    I've started the steps too and it's much harder than I expected it to be. It provokes a great deal within me.

  4. happy friday.

    what time zone for the 8pm?

  5. I'll bet your day is as good as mine. Lucky guy.

  6. Oh, dear, how wonderful that you have the humility to pass it on. But you also know what it is like to be young and full of yourself. Wonderful.


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