Saturday, May 16, 2009

The garden of love

The garden of
is green without
and yields many
other than sorrow
and joy.
Love is beyond either
without spring,
without autumn,
it is always fresh.

-- Jelaluddin Rumi

The garden of green is yielding a lot of lovely things right now. There's the heady smell of magnolia in bloom, honeysuckle, roses, jessamine. So many scents blended together and wafting from all parts of the yard.

The garden of love is yielding heady things too: acceptance, compassion, patience, and trust. Those are as sweet as any flower.

Enjoy your Saturday and all that it has to offer.


  1. There is a huge area of yellow jessamine on my drive home from work that I go by. I can smell it way before I get there; it's strong even with my windows rolled up. Glad to hear things are blooming down there. We are just starting to get some humidity here as I'm sure y'all are down your way. Have a great weekend Syd.

  2. all things sweet and wonderful, I can smell it. ENJOY your weekend, SMILES

  3. I can smell the sweetness of the flowers,enjoy your weekend in the garden of love..:}

  4. Love Rumi!
    Love Honeysuckle!
    Love life!

  5. Enjoy your Spring Day too!

  6. Every Saturday I open up the windows in my house and the jasmine I have planted in my yard wafts through the entire house. It is the most delicious smell in the world. You have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Your word picture brought missed scents to my was all the things I loved about living in the south.

    Happy weekend to you too, Syd.

  8. Beautiful! I love the image. It's so are the words in this post!

  9. Have a great weekend, Syd.

    Much love,


  10. The lilac scent is wafting through my windows. Finally! It was a long, cold winter..all the more appreciation for the spring.

  11. I love those fragrances this time of year - makes it somewhat worth the stopped up sinuses and headaches that are the consequences for me...

  12. Oh, I miss the honeysuckle that used to grow next to the giant cypress tree in our side yard.

  13. The fields round us are so full of growth as we approach the peak of spring and growth, a wonderful time of year here in the UK and the fields too feel full of rebirth.
    I enjoyed reading about how u started your blog, for me I feel better when I have blogged honestly .
    Its a good release valve for me talking out into the ether, problem is as any alcoholic is I am egocentric.
    Its all about me and I notice it more and more about me, its like the promises in the AA bible your lifes quality gets better and the little things you can do work.
    Them steps which mean more and more as you read deeper
    You give me lots of sensible advice, you are like a Jedi Masters master.

  14. This post felt relaxing, refreshing and full of hope.

    I never heard of jessamine, I thought you were writing jasmine and did a typo :)

  15. Still, the garden is having something at the presence of the gardener. You have become the gardener.

  16. You put smell in to words. How clever.

  17. Rain, just rain here. But I can see the garden beyond it. Wishing you a very happy weekend, Syd. Fishy xx

  18. Magical --

    Mary LA

  19. This is a beautiful post and this is a very interesting blog.
    I love the nature - I enjoy the simple pleasures it offers and the way it mastermind itself, with all its miracles and magic.


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