Monday, June 8, 2009


Here are some impressions from the weekend:

-Friday's winds were fresh and made for an exciting sail in the harbor.

-Saturday afternoon was stormy with a waterspout spotted near the Harbor. The winds around this waterspout were reported to be nearly 70 mph. Luckily, we didn't experience that at our sheltered anchorage.

-Saturday afternoon visiting with some other sailboat people turned into an impromptu dinner on board one of the larger boats.

-The dinner was fun with the exception of a tipsy woman who decided to vent her frustrations by spouting a bunch of sarcasm aimed at the other women.

-She succeeded in only embarrassing herself. No one else, not even her husband, decided to own her spewed stuff.

-Sunday was a gorgeous day with lots of sun, puffy cumulus clouds and fair winds.

-We found several shark's teeth and a spear head during our beach walk. It made me wonder what that man was thinking about as he chipped at making his weapon. Dating between 11,300 and 10,900 years ago, Clovis points are the earliest spear points from North America.

-Our solar shower produced water that was too hot to use. I found out the hard way. Yeow....

-The real shower back home was just right.

-Dinner later at my wife's parents house was enjoyable and relaxing.

-The sheets felt cool, and there were no mosquitoes buzzing around.

-I'm a bit tired but rejuvenated from sun, sand and sea.

-Tonight is home group with our topic being Tradition Six.

Have a good Monday.


  1. your water weekends always leave me refreshed. one day, one day, i'd like to do something like that too...

  2. Your life sounds so relaxing. You are a lucky man.

  3. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend.

  4. Ahhhh. Sand, sea, & sun. Nothing better.

  5. I used to have a real thing about 'em socalled "water spouts" when I was younger... dunno why!!

  6. I like that before the storm picture. And the bridge is awesome.

  7. I think people from outside recovery looking at your life might think that your sailing and beautiful water experiences bring you your peace and serenity.

    But I think as probably many program people know that your wonderful relaxing life filled with beauty and pleasurable activities is a result of the peace and serenity your program has brought you.

    You are a great example of the possibilities Al-Anon holds for others.


  8. So glad you had a great weekend. Sounds wonderful. Where I grew up the walks were along the sea shore, looking for new ( old ) finds was always pleasurable. Nothing like the ocean breeze. cannot wait for your next post. :}

  9. Very nice Syd. Although it sounds perfect, I am sure you could have found what was wrong with each and every moment. So glad you didn't... and don't.

  10. Water spouts are really cool to watch but solar showers are not.

  11. Sounds like a fantastic always seems so peaceful here. In this blog.

  12. nice picture of teh water spout. Glad to hear you didn't directly encounter it.

  13. What a great weekend you had! I saw a water spout once when I lived in Houston. I crossed a brige and looked to my right and there it was, just a few hundred feet from me. It was beautiful.

  14. I am so envious of your great life syd, a waterspout must be awesome, they asked me today at work if I had a passport, no I replied never been out of the uk, I would love to see more than my beloved fields but reading your adventures on your blog is a good second best
    Thanks Syd

  15. There is nothing like a shower and a nap in air conditioned sheets after a day at the beach! It's been a long time.


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