Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm completing some more course work to receive additional sailing certifications this weekend. Although I'm not on my boat, I'm on a 38 ft. Catalina. It has an entirely different feel to it.

Yesterday, we worked on diesel engines, docking, sail trim, and handling in close quarters. I have to say that I enjoy this a lot. But I also enjoy being on my boat where I can relax. Instead, being in a class means that I am a student again. It's a good lesson in humility and an opportunity to put my ego on the back burner.

It's funny how the competitive side of me comes up when I'm around others in a class. I have had to be very aware of that as I find myself wanting to make some suggestions about how to handle the lines and tie up the boat.

But I've decided that it's time for me to put a lid on it, listen, and absorb what I'm told. I'm the student now and not the teacher.

I'm sharing here one of my favorite photos of the Romanian crew on board the tall ship Mircea. They are all standing on the yardarms, ready to set the sails. Their grace and balance is inspiring.

Hope that you are having a great Saturday.


  1. I totally identify.
    Look, listen and learn.

  2. Have a great weekend, Capt'n Syd :-D


  3. I can never practice humility enough. It's a slippery thing and hard for me to hang on to.

  4. I also have been thinking about humility the past week or so.

    Well, nothing wrong with 'thinking' about it, is there? -grin

  5. Humility is something that may be difficult at times, but pays off in the end. Have a wonderful Saturday Syd.

  6. Good for you-continuing to learn, not becoming complacent. Hmmm I've noticed that in every aspect of your life mi amigo.

  7. Have a great weekend, Syd,

  8. I hope you enjoy being a student among students...

    I'd love to see that crew in high seas...


  9. Ahoy, matey Syd.

    That's all I know about boats.

  10. My ego fights for air all the time....
    Fear is right at the back end of it for me
    Thanks for your share

  11. What a great picture. I remember seeing something like this when I saw the 'tall ships' somewhere in the Northeast maybe 30 years ago. Impressive beyond words.

    You wrote, "I've decided that it's time for me to put a lid on it, listen, and absorb what I'm told. I'm the student now and not the teacher."

    Thanks, what a great thought. God is often asking me to give to others, but sometimes I need to be aware of Him telling me to 'put a lid on it', as you say, and just listen and learn.

    Prayer Girl

  12. Thanks for explaining what to look at in the picture, I enlarged it, how cool!

  13. Way to go! I'm puttin' a lid on a lot lately!

  14. that sounds like a good way to spend a saturday. something very new to me too, yet something i'm enjoying actually, that keeping quiet and listening instead of offering advice, tips, etc. definately one good thing i've learnt and been able to do.

  15. Humility is the ability to stay right-sized for me. I believe I can't hear God until I am right-sized.

    "I'm just another Bozo on the bus". Great visual for me in case I start forgetting who I really am!

    LOVE the amazing ship! Thanks for your insight.

  16. I have got to stop saying "I know" as well syd, you never learn anything do you with "I know" as your reply

  17. That is a great photo!thanks for sharing it.


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