Thursday, October 15, 2009

You say it's your birthday

This has been the week for birthday parties. I've been to two already and then there is another on Saturday that I'm helping to host. These are the actual "belly button" birthdays that I'm going to. There evidently were a bunch of cold nights in January where a lot of snuggling occurred.

I really like birthday parties. It's a time to celebrate the arrival into the world. It's the one day that can be claimed as your "special" day.

Last night's party was to celebrate my sponsor's birthday. All of us sponsees were present. We laughed, ate good food, did some silly art charades and enjoyed reading the cards (those ones with sound are cool) and seeing the presents. You would never know from all the laughter that we were a bunch of dysfunctional people who were on the road to recovery. Or perhaps that's exactly what you would expect from a bunch of dysfunctional people on the road to recovery--laughter, comraderie, and joie de vivre.

This morning I'm going to a seminar to hear about the voyage of the good ship Ocean Watch as it travels through the Northwest Passage and the Americas to build awareness of threats to the ocean environment. And at the end of work today I'm going to head home to do some cooking for the next birthday that will be on Saturday.

It's been a seriously happy week, albeit a tiring one. Enjoy your Thursday and if today is your birthday...many happy returns.


  1. So wonderful that your week has been happy!

  2. ah bless. sounds like a lovely get together..
    Being a female i hate to remind people that I might be another year older, so prefer not to do much for my birthday, but i love to add to the pleasure of other peoples who do enjoy being reminded of them :)

  3. That laughter and camaraderie are much of what keeps me coming back no matter what. Its healing sound and its internal healing are powerful stuff. For instance, I've never left a meeting feeling worse than when I came, because in the safety of group recovery we can laugh at those things that used to nearly kill us. Happy cooking.

  4. I am glad you are feeling at peace and feeling such happiness.. May it continue as you feel me with such happiness each time I visit. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the voyage!! SMILES

  5. I just got my haircut and realized that I now have the same haircut that I use to call a "grandma haircut" when I was younger...I will be the one that goes screaming...wearing a funny hat, of course, clinging to my 101 cats and dogs...


  6. You score big points in my book for being a birthday party attendee. As a parent, I have come to realize that most people simply don't RSVP to kids' parties. And with adult parties, if there isn't liquor available, well, some just can't be bothered to show up...

  7. Good luck with the cooking. I suck at it. I'm an appreciative eater though.



  8. I think that is exactly what to expect from folks in recovery, kinda funny, but true. One of the comments (from my world) is that 'we could have never had so much fun if we were still drinking'. :-) Nice post!

  9. birthdays are great. it's always good for me to remember that the "keep coming back" we sing at the end of happy birthday in AA is not sung by the rest of the world.

  10. Yesterday was P. my sponsors birtdhay and so it's a great week for birthdays and celebrations!!!

    Have a great Friday and thank you as always for your blog!!!


  11. he he birthdays are kool indeed!


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