Sunday, November 22, 2009


I awoke to rain hitting on the roof of the boat. There is a raw northeast wind blowing. I have read a few blogs today and got a lot out of what Pam wrote.

I asked a sponsee to go to a couple of meetings a week since he hasn't been to one in over two weeks. His reply was that he didn't want to become dependent on Al-anon. His intuition told him that he needed to take care of himself and rest and not drive 20 minutes to get to a meeting. I asked if his intuition had ever been off. He said that it was always right.

There are many ways to vary how this program works. I have done that myself but without progress toward recovery. I realize that I can't tell another how to work the program. I can say what works for me. Next week I start work with two more new sponsees. That is something that I enjoy. I so like when light dawns in their eyes.

I wish that all could see that life is filled with twists and turns but there can be so much joy. My path is much smoother because of this program. I am most grateful for having a great sponsor who is willing to remind me of what the program teaches. He is willing to let me work through what I must. Eventually I get back on track. I am thankful for being willing to do that. That is God's grace in my life.

I am hoping that you are having a good Sunday.


  1. I think, that's how it works and why it works...

    Blessings and aloha...

  2. Rain on the roof and blogging--a nice combination. Your poor intuitive sponsee. In the 4th Step in the 12x12, we're told that our great natural assets--our instincts--become mental and physical liabilities when we are in our disease. I can trust my intuition now that I've done my steps and found a Higher Power to run things by before I act. And I too love to see the light in the eyes of sponsees who are being transformed. It was good to hear from you on my blog. Have a fine Sunday. Cheers, from Chris

  3. The sponsee's logic doesn't work. You have to do the meeting for them benefit for you. Otherwise your simply working your own program and most often that doesn't work. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Trusting in yourself includes defending your beliefs but they are usually right when following instinct or the Holy Spirit within us.

    I love the sound of rain.

  5. AlAnon has given me the gift of trusting my intuition. For me personally that is not a liability..I'm able to make decisions, where before I could not.

    I don't know enough about the sponsee's situation to comment on that, but I know you will give it your all.

  6. Yah, right! I do not wish to become dependent on Alcoholic Anonymous just to stay sober...I can surely do it by myself, in the privacy of my own home, with out any busybodies hangin' round
    keeping track of my *every* move.

    OH! How WRONG CAN WE BE???
    Not until the student is ready, will the Teacher appear...

  7. It's difficult to watch a sponsee go down the lonely trail....My ego held on tight for a long time I couldnt even get a sponsor for a lonnnnnng time.
    This is a program of attraction rather than promotion.
    Things had to get so bad I had no other choice.
    Maybe he has to bottom out some more ?

  8. What you describe reminds me so much of seeing resistance in therapy -- a deep-seated denial and refusal to acknowledge the reality of the situation and commitment to what needs to be done.

    Mary LA

  9. aaah, we had the rain on saturday, seems it's moved on, hee heee heee

  10. I must work through what I must, to get what I need to stay sober and serene. No resting on laurels for this garden variety drunk.

  11. I remember a time when my HP was me...that didn't ever work out well...I had to work the steps in order to find out that the things that would normally baffle me were less so and I could trust myself again....grest post Syd, as always!
    xo g

  12. I too am full of gratitude because of the program!
    Have a great Monday


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