Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Questions and maybe some answers

I have been going through a bit of blogger block lately.  This happens when things are going along really well.  I'm not having any angst over stuff.  When that happens, it seems that I simply have little to write about.  I have lots of gratitude which is something that I think about every day.  But for today, I thought that I would do something different.

I have been blogging for over two years.  Maybe it's time to open up and answer any questions that you may have.  You can ask your own curious question here, and I'll answer it.  Maybe there is something that you have been wondering about when you've read my posts.  Maybe there is something about marine science that you've been dying to ask.  Maybe you want to know more about sailing, global warming, or any number of things.

So ask away! It will be fun (I think??) to see what questions you may have. There are over 200 people who follow this blog.  I use that term loosely because there are those of you who stop by regularly to see what's going on here.  There are those of you who stop by occasionally and then there are the "ghost readers" who I've not met.

To make this whole question and answer thing more interesting, I will have a "give away" for the best question asked.  I'll send you one of the photographs that I've posted on my blog, suitable for framing and signed, if you ask the most interesting question.  I may be very sorry that I did this, but let's just say that it seems like a good idea today.

So ask away.  I'll post the questions and answers on Thursday. The only caveat: I will be respecting Tradition Twelve in my answers. 

Now for some simple gratitudes today:
  • I'm grateful for easing back into my work week after a restful and happy long weekend.  I got plenty of sleep and lots of TLC.  
  • I'm grateful for the good people that are in my life.  There are so many people that I can call friends these days.  I know that they are there for me, should I need to pick up a phone and ask for help. 
  • I'm grateful for leading the beginner's meeting tonight, followed by the regular meeting which is filled to the brim with people.  Many of the actions from last week's group conscience will be put into practice tonight.  I appreciate seeing how the traditions have worked as we went about this process.
  • I'm grateful for my furry friends.  Seeing them enjoy the snow on Friday evening and play at doggy park yesterday was a happy time.  They truly are a great gift in my life.


  1. If you had a chance to decide on a name instead of Global Warming, what would it be and how does the new name match your beliefs regarding this controversial issue?

  2. Can our marine environment really be sustained? It seems with population growth, climate change, overfishing, popularization of seafood dishes, etc. - we're just consuming an increasingly scarce resource and I feel hopeless about it's future. Can the corner be turned toward sustainability? How?

  3. Boxers or briefs? Obviously, I am not going for the win.

  4. i know you said you were going to retire from your job sometime soon, what big plans do you have? what is at the top of your bucket list?

  5. How much of a threat to the Great Lakes is the Asian carp really?

  6. Well if you are following the 12th tradition then that steals my first question. :-)

    Seriously... your father was an alcoholic, and you married an alcoholic, if I have your story right. Did you know she was an alcoholic before you married her? Did you ever pause and think maybe you didn't want to marry her (or maybe that you should leave) once you found out?

  7. My question is about the picture of the man at the top of this blog.

    Is there a significant purpose to this specific photograph?

  8. If you were on a plane that crashed and there were survivors, would you resort to cannibalism of the deceased to stay alive?

    I know its a bit wierd - just trying to win!

  9. Okay, I'll play. If I could talk to you, Syd, here's is what I would ask you...

    Why do you blog? Why do you keep on blogging? What's your vision for your blog? What do you like about it? What have you changed in the way you blog, over time? What parts of blogging do you still struggle with?

    What do you like about reading other people's blogs? What don't you like? How do you approach commenting? What do you think about all the comments you get on your site?

    You're a thoughtful writer, and your insights are both beautiful and wise. Do you write elsewhere? Do you think of taking this elsewhere? Where do you see your blogging going in 10 years? Where do you see all blogging going in 10 years?

    Is your life as satisfying as it sounds on these blogs, or are you sharing only the best bits? How did you choose to study and work in the field you do? What or who turned you on to it? Are there different paths you considered along the way? If you could start again, what other fields of work might you consider? How are you considering occupying (or enjoying) your time in the next phase of life?

    I'd ask about your Al-Anon recovery, but you do such a good job writing about and demonstrating that part of your life, I can't find any questions.

    Any more would require a coffee and a slice of something sweet. So I'll stop there. It looks like we've all given you a lot to ponder. Enjoy...

  10. Two questions:

    Why the photo at the top of your blog...the significance please.

    Why did you stop reading and commenting on my blog?

    Honest questions.


  11. Ok, as a writer do you have a routine?

    And as someone in AA= do you drink you coffee black or white ( with milk or half and half)

    As a former journo I like the boxer and briefs questions Mr. Clinton also ....

  12. I have always wanted to visit Charleston and Savannah because I am a an art historian/history buff and like historic houses. Can you do this is one 2 week trip or is there too much to do in Charleston and environs to combine both. Would you advise doing Savannah and Beaufort as one trip and Charleston as another?

  13. I am interested in your answer to Lou's question. I live only a couple of miles from Lake Michigan.

    My question: Do you think it's possible to live with an active alcoholic and live happily?

  14. I was going to also ask what plans do you have for the next 50 years! Travel? Your own consulting business? Sail the world? All the above?


  15. I'll need some time to think about this one. I have questions, lots of questions...

  16. I ask the same question as Ed G.

  17. Well - I decided I wasn't going to ask a question unless one floated into my head. I didn't expect that to happen, but then - there it was.

    This is a very simple and maybe even silly question, but I'll ask it anyway.

    I see your comments almost everywhere as I read blogs. Whenever I discover a new blog, there you are. You work, you boat, you do for your community, you are a busy fellow, yet you take time to blog daily and read and comment a lot. Very impressive.

    My question is:
    Are you a speed reader?


  18. Cool.

    On your retirement, how will "practicing these principles in all your affairs" take on a new meaning?

  19. I guess I am one of your "ghost readers." I don't officially follow you, but you're by far the best blogger for Al-Anon out there. Thank you a thousand times for what you do, it helps more people than you could imagine. On to my question... I want and need to go to an Al-Anon meeting (my boyfriend of over a year is a recovering alcoholic/addict) but I am having the hardest time making myself go to a meeting. What is your advice on overcoming my angst and going to my first one? I've been to AA meetings with my boyfriend and I love them, but I have used every excuse known to man to avoid the Al-Anon meetings and I'm getting tired of my own excuses. My therapist has even suggested the Al-Anon meetings, but to no avail. I'll log on and read your blog every day, but I'm paralyzed by thoughts of going to a first Al-Anon meeting. Any advice you have on this would be appreciated! Thank you!

  20. COOL! I have to think hard before I answer! I'll be baaaaaaack

  21. No question from me . . . just wild anticipation for your answers and much thanks for your blog-well-said! Thanks! Mary CB (A frequent reader but rare "commentor".)

  22. Interesting blog u have! :)
    I enjoyed reading ur post as well as comments on it.
    What is the answer of this stupid question? :)

    Happy blogging! :)

  23. i posed this question in your post 'taking root' on the 1st of february. any insight on that?

    "i have often wondered why, even as a child, i would naturally keep quiet, hide what's wrong, not ask questions. and i still don't have an answer for that. do you?"

  24. Whoa...look at all the "deep" questions Syd!
    I was thinking Mayo or Miracle Whip cuz I'm not that deep. LOL
    My question: Are you and your wife coming to the International Convention and if so, are you going to find me and hug my neck?

  25. As a child growing up in an alcoholic home, did you use to daydream/imagine what your adult life would be like? And now that you are an adult, does your life reflect those dreams at this point in time?

  26. In an episode of Seinfeld George Costanza told a lady friend he was a marine biologist. Kramer had hit golf balls into the ocean earlier in the episode. As they were walking along the beach they came upon a crowd. Someone yelled "Is there a marine biologist in the crowd?"

    The question is, 'Was George Costanza acting as a Al Anon when he removed the golf ball from the whale's blow hole?'

  27. Do you think you are you the person you came here to be? jeNN

  28. WOW! I don't have a question. You are the first blog I found when I started going to Al-Anon in Oct/Nov 2009. I just read, comment some, but don't blog. Glad this is out there. The questions are GREAT and it will be fun to see how you go about this! Don't see you retiring anytime soon!
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. holy moly! you're going to be busy answering questions.

  30. Syd, I cannot wait to see the answers to these questions. You are the first recovery blog I ever read and through yours I have been led to many others as well as started one myself. It has been very helpful in my journey to recovery. My question for you follows...

    If you could talk to your father today, what would you tell him or ask him?

  31. How did you learn to recognise when your character defects are affecting your choices?

  32. If you have the boundary in your life of not living with an active alcoholic, what would you do the day you came home to find your wife drinking?

  33. Oh so many fascinating questions!

    Here's mine: Syd, as a recovery blogger could you name some of your guidelines for setting ethical and personal boundaries?

  34. What is the single most important thing in al-anon that got you to serenity? Yes, I'm new and looking for tips. Not interested in winning, obviously.

  35. If you could change one significant thing in your life right now, what would it be? And why? (2 questions)

  36. Paper or plastic?
    White or wheat?
    Mac or PC?
    Right or Left handed?
    What kind/color is your car?

    Ok, I'm done.

    Glad to see you're still here sharing. I'll talk more as I get back to blogging but I have also found the Alanon book beneficial, and you were the first person I thought of when the suggestion was made.

    Be blessed,


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