Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21

It appears that history is in the making today for this country. It is also the beginning of spring and the birthday of my sweet wife. A lot of things converging at once.

Although it is cloudy with rain forecast, the birds are chirping. We had a glorious day yesterday doing some work on the boat. I looked at a 42 ft Cheoy Lee that is down the dock from me and will be for sale soon. I am giving some thought to purchasing it. There is much to consider.

But today I'm not going to think about that. There are other more important things to consider.

We watched the majority whip talk about the current votes. I saw news clips of people spitting on law makers, obscene names being shouted out. I don't understand the insanity of such behavior. What are we so afraid of? I heard talk of Armageddon. The breakdown of society and division between the haves and havenots seems to be a more likely contributor to the end of the world than health care reform.

We are going to C's parents tonight. Her mother had a bad fall on Friday evening, hitting her head on a marble topped table. She also cracked a rib. She is sore and on pain meds but is at home. I have seen her become more frail recently. The parents are now 89. I hope that they will stay well. Their insurance is good. They can afford it. I wonder though about so many others who aren't so fortunate.

We are going to go for a drive to do some photography before the rains come. I am so glad that C. was born. Happy birthday Sweetheart.


  1. It's crazy, isn't it? The level of insanity of behavior that this issue brings out is alarming. One cannot help but wonder how these people deal with the tribulations of their personal lives, if they feel comfortable acting this way in public.
    Prayers for your mother-in-law's health, and happy birthday to your beloved.

  2. HERE"S to some progress today.

  3. Have a good day both of you. Here in England we have the National Health Service. Health free to all, no matter what their circumstances, rich or poor. It is, I believe, one of the great things we have given mankind. I hope it works out for you too.

  4. I do not understand what is happening. I am nearly speechless. I have to figure out how co-exist with such madness, with such a breakdown in basic civility. It is so close, it is palpable and I'm really not doing well. And that is something I can't really explain. But you probably understand, anyway.

    But reading this post makes me feel better. Your wonderful "happy birthday" to your wife. You are a sweet man and knowing you are out there, with her and your boat, by the water and out on it, is a relief.

    That and the cherry blossoms. Maybe I could make a big sign and walk among the spitters (um, on second thought, strike that).... off in a distance with my sign that says "Go See the Cherry Blossoms" -- not possible to be mean when you walk among those other-worldly D.C. blooms.

  5. I couldn't agree more Syd on some of the insanity that has transpired all over health care reform.

    Sometimes I wish any political debate would begin with a reading of Tradition 1- our common welfare should come first

  6. There's only one thing that makes that behavior make sense - a lot of people are sharing the $trillions (no exaggeration) that the existing system provides. They believe that's at risk.

    I'm glad for our lives. I wish I had health care.

    Blessings and aloha...

  7. I only hope that we aren't trying to vote ourselves rich. As it stands, The cost of a lifetime of excellent healthcare is greater than the wealth produced by the average life. As such, we guarantee that we will go broke as a society unless we change it.

    I work as a systems engineer in health care, working to find ways to reduce costs while maintaining the primacy of the patient's health.

    Our common welfare should indeed come first. I wonder if we can provide for it when we must toil all our lives wo service the interest on the national debt and nothing more. We will either have to curtail societal benefits, or default on out national debt. Either could lead to ruin. We want more than we can afford, as a society. And as individuals.

    We will go without. The question is whether we have drowned ourselves in debt first.

  8. Awww, Syd, you are so sweet to remember your wife in such a NEAT-O way on your blog.

    When (I didn't write "if") you buy another boat, will you trade, or sell, or keep two? "Hers and hers?"

  9. Yes History is in the making hopefully more good things to come! One step at a time.
    We pay such a exorbitant amount for health insurance that soon my husband and I will have to cancel. I am lucky I live in a city that guarantees health care to all it's inhabitants.

  10. I am !!!!! so happy this bill has been passed. Thank god. Sanity seems to have won out. Well I think so anyway.

  11. what a beautiful birthday message.

  12. I very rarely watch T.V., so I wasn't aware of that behavior! I want to become more educated about politics (even though I have no interest) I watched a video clip this morning about the health care reform...but I realize it will take a lot more reading/ studying to feel competent to have an opinion.

  13. I hope your mother-in-law recovers quick. You have a great week.

  14. I hope your mother-in-law feels better soon. Broken ribs hurt like the dickens and there isn't a thing to do but rest and let it heal. Your birthday girl sounds like she is the love of your life for many reasons. Happy Birthday to her, Get Well to mum-in-law, and pics of the new boat, please? (you sound like you are already getting her rigged)


  15. I hope C's mom is alright, that sounds scary!

    Well the idea of the government becoming more and more involved in health care is a bit frightening bbut something has to be done to help corral the ridiculous costs and get more Americans helped. The private sector doesn't seem terribly willing to do it. None of this has led me to a place where I feel it necessary to spit on a lawmaker.

    Happy Birthday C!

  16. Syd,
    Hope your wife had a good birthday.
    Sorry to hear about her mum.


  17. I am Canadian and thankful everyday for our affordable and working health care system. We pay a monthly premium (about $150 for a family of any size from 2 people up) and many pay for extended heath coverage to help with extra costs (medication etc.) We still pay for many parts of our health care needs on top of this - it is not free. It is mostly manageable. Very low-income people receive premium assistance. Very wealthy people can always purchase whatever they want or need. Our system is not socialist (in fact our current government is on the more conservative side of the post) but it really does mean that health care is affordable and there for all of us when needed! I hope the vote yesterday marks a beginning to heal the wounds caused by this difficult issue.
    Best to your Birthday Gal and her Mom. Your enduring love and affection inspire me to keep my beloved in my heart through difficult times.

  18. Wow, lots in this one post. I can for sure understand your interest in the 42 ft boat. Longer trips, perhaps?
    Sorry to hear of your wife's mother in pain. What a nice day to have a birthday. Happy Birthday to C!
    Regarding health insurance, I don't have it, haven't for many years. I suppose if I had a major medical emergency I would be sent out of the hospital and sent home. Some people have so much and so many more have so little.

  19. I agree with you about all the noice around the health care bill. It's like McCarthy in the 50's or even the furor over flouridated water. You know it's crazy when people scream about not wanting the government involved in their Medicare! It's hard for me to understand how an insurance industry can be so universally vilified on the one hand and then so protected on the other! Way too many impressionable lambs out there!?! Have a great day!!

  20. I am relieved for healthcare as I am one of the millions of the uninsured. Have never been insured. Cannot afford it now. So I hope/pray it goes through. My sister, single mom with alcoholic ex husband who pays nothing to her, has four kids, one with very serious illness. Fortunately, she's in Oregon and Oregon covers the kids. But she is not insured. So, we pray every day that she stays healthy.

    I am sad today. My dad died at this time of year, some years ago; he was a tormented alcholic and my heart still hurts for all his pain. I hope he has found peace wherever he is....

    Blessings to all,

  21. Happy Birthday to, C! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating her special day. Sorry to hear about her mother's fall.

    I agree about all the ugly behavior as a result of the vote - spitting on people? What type of human being spits on another?

  22. This is a very sweet post to your wife and her birthday, I hope that you both had a great day and her mom heals well.

    It's a strange time politically to be alive...I would think that climate change and the storage of nuclear weapons may lead to armageddon, but you know, who am I? LOL

    Nice post...

  23. Happy birthday to your wife C and sympathy for her parents' frailty.

    Most ugliness arises from fear and ignorance.


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