Monday, April 12, 2010

More Mad Hatter

"I'm late! I'm late. For a very important date!
No time to say hello! Good-bye!
I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" The Mad Hatter, from Alice in Wonderland

I am feeling like I left myself behind today.  Somewhere back in the country is a tired and somewhat aching body that needs to get going to do some work.  It's Monday once again.  Monday means that I have to get to work, work on more cleaning up of files, and organizing things so that I can pass papers and data on to those who will still be here.  I also have two sponsee meetings today--one at noon and one before I leave for the Al-Anon book study and regular meeting tonight.  

Yet, amazingly this is what happens week after week.  It doesn't make me unhappy or even in a Mad Hatter rush.  It just means that I have my day laid out.  And so when I put my head down tonight and rest,  I know that I have done what I could to be useful, to do my part, to get what I could done, and to not wonder what more I could fit into my schedule.  I don't feel the call of the water today because I am sated from being in the salt air over the weekend.  My muscles are tired from sailing, walking and rowing the little dinghy to shore.  

Yet, I know that within me will be opportunities to be spontaneous.  There will be discussions at work, with sponsees, at my meetings and tonight at home.  I am grateful for the ability to do these things, to be the person I am.  And hopefully the light that I reflect will come back to me with even brighter rays.  


  1. I would say i'm definately a creature of setting up the day so I know what is expected. More so the later in years I get.

    Great picture! Is it one you took. If so, beautifully captured.
    Take care.

  2. I so needed this post today. You just adjusted my sails. I was tired, and not myself today and was just going to try to get through the day so I could go to bed early. Then I read your blog, and about "spontaneous opportunities" You are right, we are given opportunities in each day to be of service, we just need to "snap out of it" and step up to the plate. Thanks!

  3. Syd, thank you for this wonderful forum about your journey. Certainly many people can relate to your experiences and take value in knowing they aren't alone.

    In case you didn't already know, Hallmark Hall of Fame is airing the Lois Wilson Story (co-founder) of Al-Anon on 4/25. But, there is another forum right now on Facebook - about the movie, but also an opportunity to share with others. If you're interested, visit

  4. Well I don't like being in a rush such as this and I feel as the Mad Hatter does as though I left myself behind. In my nature I need to be at peace before I even walk out the door. Sad to say there are some days I feel like I'm on auto pilot but grateful in getting through the day.

    Thank You Syd for the honesty

  5. You sound tired but a good tired. I am glad for you.

  6. And I am grateful you are the person you are.


  7. I'm feeling a bit like Alice today. I need the beach soon so I can get salted up myself :-D


  8. When you finally get retired, you're gonna ask yourself why you waited so long.

    just sayin' ...

  9. You hit the nail on the head...I needed to read this and thank is the day to day with the splash of spontaneous within.

    Thank you as always for your posts.

  10. I think most of us are happy to go to bed at night feeling the way you describe. Productive.

  11. What a great perspective - especially in a crowded day. It does sound like you will sleep well tonight though!
    God bless.

  12. "Grateful for the ability to do this things" That is a great blessing. Thanks for the B'day greetings. Take care

  13. Hi Syd

    Came from Shadow's blog to yours. Mondays is hectic for me too. Than I have to problem of dragging myself away from the internet to get some work done.

    You seem like a nice enough person. I think I'll follow your blog from today. :)

  14. I love that you quoted Alice and Wonderland and the first comment here was from the hare! :)


  15. now that's the perfect way to tackle a monday...

  16. I don't like having a really full day, Syd. It stresses me out. Sometimes in life, it can't be avoided, of course.

    You have a good attitude about it.

    Sending love,


  17. If you only knew just how far that light you are shining is reaching.

    Beautiful photograph - how blessed is the eye who beholds such a site.

  18. I love those spontaneous moments in the day when people wander in and out of my life. This happens all the time at the Chamber of Commerce where I work. People of all sorts wander in and out and my job is to be of service to them all. How wonderful is that?

  19. This sounds like a life well lived.

    Blessings and aloha...


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