Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Thursday Morning

I am sitting in a waiting room at a local eye institute where my wife is having eye surgery this morning.  She has a congenital cataract and decided it was time to have the surgery done. 

The big bridge has been closed for a couple of days due to ice. The most recent storm was not as bad for us as the previous one, but it was much worse for neighboring counties. Ice has brought down trees and limbs, blowing transformers, and causing thousands of power outages. 

So we were on our way this morning early to get to surgery. I am no longer a morning person, as if I ever were! I stay up until midnight and almost feel drugged when I get up at 5 AM. I am thinking that a nap in front of the fire will be good later. In the meantime, C. will have an eye patch for a day.  Kind of sexy in a swashbuckling way.

I met with the fellow I used to sponsor. We had a great talk and came away with good feelings. We both acknowledged our part and then moved on to have a lot of laughs. Amazing how I have learned to not take things personally and don't have to be right or justify something I've done.

Life is good. The coming week is supposed to be warmer. It has been cold and rainy. Progress will continue on the backyard landscaping next week. And I know the birds will be happy with new plants. Meanwhile, the male cardinals continue to slam themselves against windows when they see their reflection. So far no knockouts, but mating season is definitely causing some ruffled feathers. 

Hope all of you are hanging in there with the cold weather.  Stay warm!


  1. i am glad that life is good...
    and hope all goes well with the surgery
    we got 16 inches of snow last two forts this morning and packed a sled trail...ha...most snow we got all year...

  2. Oh I love your fireplace. I hope C's eye heals nicely....I am sure it will. those types of surgeries are so common now. So nice to hear from you Syd.

  3. Happy Valentine Day to you and C! Isn't it funny how we can build thoughts up in our mind and it isn't like that at all? Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts and how much I have learned....more of a re-enforcement of what I hope I know already. Thank you.

  4. It is good to read how your "retirement" life goes. Up til midnight? Hmmm! Yup. And I'm just beginning to learn it is NOT a sin to sleep through until 8 AM--grin!

    Can't BELIEVE it is still cold and snowing up that-a-way. You AND the boat will be happy soon, as I predict this to be "THE final winter" of 2014 (above the equator!)

    PEACE and LIGHT, Syd

  5. Your backyard patio is making me yearn to do something similar!
    I hope your bride's surgery goes very, very well and then it will be DONE!
    Be well, Syd. You stay warm too.

  6. Come to MI quick! I know a place we an walk across the lake to Canada and not go through customs or pay tolls. If we need a purpose we can smuggle back Cuban cigars.

    Hope C has the best possible outcome for the cataract removal.

  7. Syd I have had cataract surgery for cataracts that developed after eye trauma -- It will be so good for C to see clearly again. I hope she just rests the eye and enjoys renewed vision. Your outdoor seating area is so inviting!

  8. I hope C's operation was successful but maybe she should keep the sexy patch to wear as you both relax in front of the fire !!


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