Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another week gone before I can blink

The weather has finally turned to fall here.  I was out on the boat for several days this week and have to say that it was something that I have missed.  The boat is my sanctuary, my place to get away from anything complicated. Sometimes there are unexpected visitors who just pass by and say "hello".

The only complication that I have had in the last week was having a kidney stone which was a terrible pain.  I've not had the pleasure of dealing with that before and hope to not have one again.  I went to the ER because the pain came on suddenly late in the evening.  And I could not stop vomiting after each wave of pain.  Anyway, I am okay now.  The ER doc told me it was like the pain experienced by women in childbirth.  I have a new appreciation for that level of pain.

The winter garden is finally in.  It is a great relief to have the tired summer plants removed and the winter ones in the ground.  It takes a lot of work to maintain things around here.  The older we get the more it seems to take too.

The service for my friend and mentor was a high Catholic funeral mass. I had just gotten out of the ER and was still feeling dopey from the pain medications they had given me.  When the priest said that my friend was gone forever from this life--laughter gone, voice gone, smiles gone--well, I had to smile because I have voice messages on my phone wishing me a happy birthday last year and other messages that I like to listen to.  And I have the memories of our time spent together.  Gone from sight is true but living on in my memory as long as possible.

Today, we are going to an oyster roast which should be a good time.  It's the first one of the season.  We are enjoying all that Fall brings. We have had several fires in the outdoor fireplace, and last night had dinner on the deck sitting around the fire.  Life is going smoothly right now.  I am glad that there is peace and quiet in my little world.  I keep hoping that will extend outward as I do my part to convey the happiness that I feel inside.


  1. I've had one kidney stone in my life. Hope to never have another.
    That las shot is unbelievably beautiful.
    It does indeed convey peace.

  2. Fantastic photos, Syd. You keep getting better and better, just when I think you've outdone yourself, you do it again.

  3. The priest sure did have it wrong when he said your friend was gone....I think you will find that he is more with you than ever.

  4. I have to agree your friend is not gone, he is just in another place. I've always heard kidney stones are awful, I feel for you hope it is all better now.

  5. One of my big gifts of the program is I can still have serenity despite a problem in my life. This was huge for me to realize in my life. I love to hear it in the rooms, my life is good and the Alcoholic is still drinking. Grateful for tools of our trade.

  6. dude...oyster roasts are def one for me...kidney stone, yikes....i will probably have to deal with that before too long...but have witnessed it through others and that can be brutal....glad that is over for you....

  7. Syd I hope you are fully recovered -- such lovely photos.

  8. Sounds to me as if you have what you need and what you need has fulfilled all of your wants Syd.


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