Friday, July 27, 2007

A leaf in the wind or a cow in a tornado

I think that I would rather be a leaf in the wind than a cow in a tornado. These days I'm swept along gently like the leaf. I feel as if I'm floating, rising, spiraling, and finally touch down. It is a happy feeling, especially if I just let the feeling carry me along.

Thankfully, the days of feeling like the cow in a tornado are few. It's the feeling of panic when I'm caught in a whirlwind. Too much to do and too little time to get it done. I know that I'm being carried along by the tornado and I know that if the whirlwind stops then I'm going to crash. I don't enjoy that feeling and work the program of Al-Anon to not get caught up in things that are going to let me down hard or keep me spinning.

Today, I'm grateful for a gentle wind, a smooth ride, and a soft landing.

Tab tagged me to list some things about myself. You can have your pick on the things about me since I posted a bunch of them awhile ago. In fact, it's a damn long list.


  1. Wow. I didnt know my "ugly" toe had a name!!! I shall now and forever refer to this toe as Morty. LOL. Thanks Syd.

  2. Beautiful analogy. Amzing picture as well, it is yours I am assuming.

    Sometimes our journeys get bumpy, and crashing and burning help us to appreciate the times when we are floating gently (cuz even that can be taken for granted at times).

  3. That is cheating, Syd. You have been tagged so you must come up with eight things WE Do Not Already Know About You.

  4. Mooooooo.

    (I agree with Pat (above))

  5. Great picture.

    I don't really want to be a cow in any circumstance. Or in a tornado, even as a leaf. Can I be a leaf on a tree?

    Was this multiple choice? Sorry. I'm a little punchy from lack of sleep. I liked this post very much.

  6. "Today, I'm grateful for a gentle wind, a smooth ride, and a soft landing. "

    This is such a nice thought.. I love love LUV it.


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